About Gift Cards Zone BD

Gift Cards Zone BD is an E-commerce based online shop which started its journey back in 2019. It works as a Team who are consistently trying to reach BD market from the beginning. We entered the market with very limited resources; Started with digital game codes. Now one can find almost every type of digital codes; not only game codes but also subscription cards like Google Wallets, iTunes, PSN, XBOX LIVE & also from STEAMS..

At the same time, buyers have become so much concerned about their purchase decisions. And we are here to make it easier for a buyer to sort out different products with updated price list. We started with a very few items & nominal support. Our motto is to provide the best value for money and  instant service which would be much more user-friendly for all of u. At the same time, our vision is to make the market Globalized & we are fighting for it. In one sentence we are here to bring the market in one place & to make it happen all we need is your constant support & patience. So be with us & Give us proper feedback time to time so that we can represent something which becomes more convenient for all sorts of user out in the Market.